Ready Made House Plans - Luxury Options

When you are building a new home, you have the option to create the home of your dreams. While some will want to design a luxury home that is entirely their own by working with an architect from start to finish, others may find it easier to choose from ready-made house plans and to add luxury options to them for customization. As you explore some of the many house plans, you may consider how these plans could be updated to further meet your needs with a few luxurious additions and upgrades. These are among the more common luxury options that many people may consider adding to their new home.

Porch and Patio Options

One of the key features that will differentiate a luxury home from a standard home is the patio area. Both front and back porches and patios can be outfitted in different ways to add an extra touch of luxury to the space. Many are opting to create complete outdoor living areas with a custom outdoor kitchen and dining area. Lounge-style living areas on patios are also common. Large windows or sliding doors at the rear of the home leading to the patio is also a great idea. These can be enhanced with lighting, climate-control features, decorative planters or even a hot tub or other features. On the front patio, a large sitting area with an outdoor fireplace or courtyard can also enhance the home with incredible results. You may also consider adding a patio to an upper floor or even on the top of the home if you have a great view from the second floor.

Luxury Material Selections

The materials that you choose to use inside the home can also set your home apart from others. Luxurious metals include everything from decorative wrought iron stair rails and banisters to marble tile, premium wood floor, granite or Corian counter tops and more. Upgraded faucets and light fixtures can also add the extra touch of decorative charm that your home needs. Keep in mind that while you may want to spring to upgrade the larger features in the home, such as the counters and cabinets, it is also important to pay attention to the smaller decorative features in the home if you want to create a truly luxurious home environment.

Fireplace Upgrades

If you have plans to add a fireplace or two to your home, consider the different upgrade options available. Some homes have a two-sided fireplace, and this gives you the ability to enjoy the warm glow and heat from a fire in multiple rooms at the same time. Some may be log-burning fireplaces, but there are also gas fireplaces that can be turned on with the simple flip of a light switch. The facade of the fireplace should also be considered. Natural stone, upgraded tile and other options can make this feature look amazing. You can also think about a beautiful hearth and a decorative mantle. These can be ornate or classically elegant depending on the style of your home.

Decorative Enhancements

There are also some decorative enhancements that you can add to your luxury home floor plan. For example, you can customize the plan that you find with decorative art niches. These can be enhanced with everything from accent lighting to murals or even tile. You can also upgrade the home with built-in bookcases and shelves, skylights, custom tile back splashes, gorgeous hardware for the cabinets and door knobs, a decorative front door and other options. Other ideas include vaulted ceilings, beams in the ceilings, arched ceilings, mosaic tile floors and more.

Special Rooms

While you can use the basic floor plan that you find as a starting point for your home plans, you can also make a few upgrades by adding special rooms that meet your needs. This could include outbuildings, such as a removed bath house near a pool, a private guest quarters or a workshop or hobby room. In addition, you can add a third or even a fourth car garage, a winding staircase, a spa-style master bathroom, a private courtyard in the center of the home and more. These are all features that can add to your quality of life and that can make your living experience in the home more enjoyable.

Buying a ready-made house plan is a wonderful option to consider when you are building a new luxury home. Many plans can be modified to meet your needs, and you can consider how some of these luxury options can enhance a plan that you love.