Kitchen Design Software

Kitchen Design SoftwareTechnology tends to make things easier and that includes designing or remodeling parts of your house, including your kitchen. The design process of a kitchen project used to involve graph paper and a good supply of erasers. Design software has existed for some time but was prohibitively expensive for all but the professionals. Now, there are many affordable options for kitchen design software that will allow you to plan out your project to get the look and functionality that you need from your kitchen.

What is Kitchen Design Software?

Kitchen design software is a type of computer program that helps a user to create a 2-D or 3-D plan of a potential kitchen. They will let you experiment with different measurements and layouts without the hassle of re-drawing by hand. A user can select material types and enter prices per foot or inch, and the program will calculate the total cost of materials for your project. You can play around with different combinations or material types to optimize your budget. Many programs also come with existing templates, so if you are not sure of what you want, you can peruse these templates and select all or part of one to be used in your own kitchen remodel.

The point of using kitchen design software is to either plot your existing kitchen and then redesign it, or put your ideas in from scratch to develop your new build plans. Even some uncomplicated design software is capable of producing very elaborate and helpful design drawings.

How To Use Kitchen Design Software

Each kitchen design software program has its own instructions, but the more popular software packages all work in a similar format. To get started, you are asked to lay out your kitchen's space. This is the measurements and basic design of the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows. If you are building a new house or intend to completely remodel the structure, you can work with any measurements that you want. If you are remodeling your kitchen, then you would create a basic outline of your kitchen.

Once you have plotted the outline of your kitchen, you can then start populating it with cabinets, fixtures and other features. Some kitchen design software is made by kitchen feature manufacturers and your options are limited to that company's products. But most titles give you a broad range of features to choose from, including diverse color options.

It is important to note that everything in kitchen design software is done to scale. When you first start using the software, it will explain the scale it uses and then help you understand how to design to that scale. The more popular software titles include teaching tools to help users get started and there are plenty of video tutorials online as well.

Popular Types of Kitchen Design Software

The most popular type of kitchen design software available is 3D design software. With these programs, you can rotate your kitchen design to see how various elements would look from different angles, and it gives you the best idea as to what your final kitchen will look like.

Many software packages offer a free trial or a free version that can be downloaded online. A free version will usually have advertising within the software, but it is not too intrusive. If you need specific features or plan to do a whole house plan you can purchase design software, which gives you a lot more usability. But for a person planning a remodel or a small project, then a free software design program is an ideal choice.

How Does Kitchen Design Software Help?

There are several features that kitchen design software offers that can reduce the time and complexity of your task. Many of these software titles allow you to print out your designs and you can choose a variety of print templates that show information such as measurements and product names.

Another helpful feature of design software is the ability to create a materials list for your project. As long as you enter all the pertinent details in your design, then the software will generate a materials shopping list you can use to help compare the cost of various materials.

Using these kitchen planning programs, you can easily get your ideas onto paper with perfect accuracy, making them suitable for a professional kitchen contractor to review. Your kitchen design project will move along much more smoothly when your contractor has a detailed representation of your preferences. Using your work, your contractor can create the final plans that will become your dream kitchen.