Bathroom Design Plans

Bathroom Design PlansThere are many good reasons for planning a bathroom remodeling project for your home. If your family is growing, then more space may be needed in your bathroom to accommodate everyone, or a second bathroom may need to be added. A remodeling project would be also be necessary if someone with special needs joins your household, or if you want to alter another room and make your bathroom smaller.

For a new build, it is extremely important to develop bathroom design plans that deliver all of the features you need. Whether you are building a new home or adding another bathroom to your existing home, you need to develop bathroom design plans that will allow you to create the best possible outcome.

Maximize Your Space

If you are remodeling your bathroom, one of your main concerns will be freeing up as much floor space as possible. For new builds, a good rule of thumb is to pay the utmost attention to the need for space and how to get the best use out of it.

There are two ways to free up valuable floor space in your bathroom design plans. The first is to use wall space for everything from towel racks to cabinets. The wall space under the window, over the shower and behind the toilet is often neglected. By utilizing your walls for different features, you have more space for other fixtures.

Another design trick you can use to create a feeling of space is to use recessed cabinets and shelves. When you use cabinets and shelves that are mounted to the wall, they will stick out and take up navigation space. When you recess these cabinets, the room feels more accessible and comfortable.

Utilize Natural Light

There are several ways that you can maximize natural light in your bathroom design. When you utilize natural light, you can heat and illuminate your bathroom naturally and lower your energy bills. Any extra cost incurred with enhancing the natural light in the bathroom will pay for itself in energy savings over time.

The first step to increase natural light is to create as many sources for it to enter the room as possible. A frosted window is always a good way to allow the natural light in while maintaining privacy. If your location allows it, larger bathroom windows always give an impression of luxury. If your bathroom is in the middle of the house where a window is not possible, then consider a skylight instead.

The second step in getting the most from natural light in your bathroom is to paint the walls and ceiling a bright color. If you paint the walls and ceiling in your bathroom the same light color, then the effect will make your bathroom look larger. Mirrors can also be used to reflect the light around. Consider having two, not one mirror in the bathroom.

Remember the Details

If you are remodeling your bathroom because you need to accommodate more people at once, then consider including a double sink in your design plans. If you are going to be making your bathroom smaller, or if you are remodeling to try and get more space from a smaller bathroom, then use a pedestal sink and put the vanity storage space on the wall.

When you are developing bathroom design plans for a new build, then you have an opportunity to include details that can make your bathroom truly distinctive. Amenities such as a heated bathroom floor, a water-efficient shower with multiple shower heads and a tankless toilet are all additions that can make you more comfortable or save you money.

Get a Professional Involved from the Beginning

Designing a bathroom requires input from a professional plumber or general contractor. A professional will be able to take several aspects of the design into account that you may not be aware of, including:

  • How adding fixtures affects the water pressure in your home.
  • Whether your floor can support the weight of a larger bathtub occupied by a person and filled with water.
  • The best ways to safely and effectively integrate new electrical wiring with the new plumbing components.

Not only can you save money in your bathroom design by benefiting from the experience of a professional, but you will also increase safety as a result. Always have a professional designer look over or, preferably, help create your bathroom plans from the beginning.

Remodeling a bathroom can enhance the value of your home and give you the space you need. But working from poor design plans could put your project into trouble from the very beginning. Be sure to plan your bathroom project out well in advance and try to have a professional is involved in the process from the start.